The Moto Club Lonigo Press Office can grant credits to the press for the competition National end International.



Follow those procedures:
  • The fax must be written on the headed paper of the publication for which the applicant works.
  • Clearly indicate name and surname and specify the publication of the person/s for which the accreditation is being requested.
  • Indicate the days for which the accreditation is being requested.
  • Indicate a telephone and fax number and in case a mobile phone number.
  • The application must be signed in a legible manner and with the office specified by the editor or the editor-in-chief of the publication.
  • photocopy of the journalist’s association membership card of the person for whom the accreditation is being made must be attached to the application. For websites, only persons in possession of an association membership card shall be entitled to make an accreditation application, in accordance with the procedures indicated above.
  • Photographers and photo-reporters shall provide a copy of their journalist’s membership card or Airf membership card. Photographers who are not members of an association shall forward their accreditation application from which they have received their appointment, in accordance with the procedures indicated above.
  • Photographers, photo-reporters and journalists shall provide at least a copy of the magazine with their own report or photo.
  • Television crews must provide the names of the operators.
  • Any car pass application to enter in the press parking shall be made in writing and inserted in the accreditation application. Assignement will be L’assegnazione sarà valutata a seconda delle necessità (troupes TV, photographers etc.). The places in the press parking are available until exhaustion.
  • Permanent accreditation application shall be taken into consideration, made in accordance with the procedures indicated above, only for journalists, photographers or collaborators of newspapers and periodicals dealing directly in the cars, motorcycles, components sectors; generic information national dailies: sports dailies; TV and radio.
  • Publications belonging to other sectors of interest cannot obtain permanent press accreditation for the exhibition.
The Press Office shall be entitled, at its discretion, to decide how many accreditations to grant for each publication.